8 Kinds of People You’ll See at Pakistan Fashion Week



From afar ( read: You mobile screens as you go through your Instagram feed) the fashion industry is extremely glitzy and luring, having models with waists you wish you had and dresses which would give anyone a run for his money and high-end after parties with your favorite celebrities but in reality there’s much more to it.
Since we have another fashion week (Fashion Pakistan Week Winter/Festive collection) just around the corner we thought we’d give you a list of people you’re mostly likely to spot there if you’re lucky to get enough to get some invites from you PR friends but we all have out Instagram and Snapchat accounts to watch from afar anyways.

1) Aunties dressed up like Teenagers:
Most of these would be industry greats (read: bygones) who may not be seen much on-screen but have contacts to get the invites, or the wives of corporate CEOS who funded the event or socialites who have membership of the ‘hot and hip’ ladies club.
You may even witness the reverse case scenarios in which girls in their late teens are masked fully in tons of make-up and draped to-the-tee, looking like 50 year olds.


Hmmm. Someone needs to hire a stylist I guess

2) Socialite girls:
These are often the daughters of the above mentioned aunties. They can be spotted by their quilted Chanel hand bags and the latest designer pieces. They’d either be cracking up the loudest at the lamest joke or be sitting crossed leg on their seats, barely breathing, with airs that could show a shade on someone from a mile away. There is no in-between.

3) Black t-shirt waley volunteers:

Seen running around the venue as if they’re the most ‘hot’ thing in town, these volunteers are often seen taking selfies with celebrities in between the tasks they are assigned (we’ve always wondered what they were). They take undue advantage of the passes to the backstage by insisting on taking pictures with models while they’re mid-way getting ready for the ramp. (cheez I guess?)

Red carpet rockers at #FPW16 #Urdu1 #TDAP

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4) Pedo-uncles:
How can you forget these uncles (read: sugar daddies) with all the hot models and rest of the ‘niswaan jins’ around. They’d be suited up with tightly fitting dress shirts and a bulging ‘toond’ to complete the look. Looking around for cleavages and various other ass-ets, these uncles know how to freak you out.

5) Bloggers:
The crowd that’s constantly stuck to their phones and we say ‘crowd’ because they are often found together either hugging each other on the red carpet or sitting in the 2nd or 3rd row during the event. They are the first ones to ask “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” and are sure to update their followers about everything that goes on (read: their every breath).

#psfw16 with the stars

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6) People on the red carpet with no invites:
These people are more numerous than you think. They’re only there to take pictures against the background on the red carpet. Occasionally they may be successful in getting into the venue but more often they return home and share the pictures on social media to show just how ‘it’ they are.
7) The ‘sponsored’ crowd:  

One of the tactics used by designers who did not make it to the showcase slot is dressing up celebrities, journalists and (sometimes) bloggers from their off-the-shelf collections. (Read: It wasn’t just a co-incidence that it was raining Sana Safinaz on you Instagram feed during the Pakistan Fashion week last spring.)


All the lovely ladies in Sana Safinaz

8) Designers and fashion editors:
They make up the Frow (because saying front row is so Twenty-Thirteen).Their expressions clearly show how  done they are with such events but are here due to the excessive pleading of the publicist.
Screw ‘showing up to support their fellow designers’, they are over heard gossiping how the collection being showed on the ramp  has a ‘paindu’ color palette or the aesthetics are too kaleidoscopic (wtf is that even supposed to mean).


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