Wedding Trends: Season 2017

  • Kaleidoscopic Lehghas :
    Don’t hesitate to go all out this wedding season. Neons to orange to parrot green to deep purple to all of the together. Lenghas are your ultimate go to this wedding season. Take inspiration from the likes of Nomi Ansari and Ali Xeeshan and add a splash of multicolor hues to your festive collection. Kaleidoscopic in print can be quite a handful but dare to carry it as an embroidered piece.

L-Iman Ali for Nomi Ansari  M-Jeem Official  R-Hocane sisters for Ali Xeeshan

  • Velvet:
    Nothing embodies royalty as Velvet does. Light to heavily embellished velvet in dark tones is over the wedding horizon. Whether it’s a western look as carried by Fareha Altaf or a more traditional approach in form of lenghas, jackets, anarkali frocks, velvet can make heads turn at any event.

L- Sania Mastakiya  M- Misha Lakhani  R-Sabyasachi

  • Shawl:
    It’s around 8°C or lower outside and girls’ gotta stay warm. Reach out for a cozy matching or contrast velvet shawl or pair a vibrant shawl with a silvery frosty jora. Drape one around your body or throw one lightly around your neck that it falls naturally, giving you an elegant, old style look.

L- Misha Lakhani  M-Maya Ali in Mohsin Naveeed Raja  R-Amna Baber in Ali Xeeshan

  • White and silvery pastels:
    Whether you’re the bride, the groom’s sister or a a door ki rishteydaar, this would make you stand out between all the reds, oranges and other customary shaadi keh rang. Take a leap of fate and give it a try. Add some statement jewellery and strut your uniqueness.

L- Deepak Perwani   R- Faraz Manan

  • Glimmer:
    Metallic make up to sequins, add an overdose of shine and glow to yourself. Metallic eye make-up and nails would your be your sacha, pakka saathi in not only this Shadi season but the whole 2017.